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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Welcome, hamsters

So we have two new little hamsters who have joined us in our hamster cage--Jo and Kazue. Kazue is currently holed up in my room enjoying life with me and my big bottle of Kahlua (weep, my friends). Actually, it's a big bottle with about three centimeters left in the bottom of it. I plan to pour it over ice cream and spend several hours exploring that girly past time.
And I love you.


Florence McNair: that's the twisted thing about me and you
Florence McNair: you care more about me than you do about yourself
Florence McNair: and i care more about you than i do about myself
Florence McNair: in which case
Florence McNair: neither of us will be very effective at helping the other
*****: yeh
Florence McNair: which...blows
*****: like the airplaine
*****: they always tell you to put on your oxygen mask before helping someone else
*****: ...which makes sense
Florence McNair: yeh
*****: cause if you die while helping someone else
*****: ....not much help
*****: in all my stupidity i still say, id do it for you first
Florence McNair: yeah
Florence McNair: bastard
*****: i love you
Florence McNair: i love you too


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats so sweet..sad but sweet! :)

9/27/2007 1:19 PM  

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