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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love Love Love


Blogger Elaina said...

OOooh fun! I want to try too!

2/20/2008 10:34 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

I was having a quicky makey-lovey with Times New Roman. I intend to hide away and have a full-fledged lovemaking session one of these days. But by all means, go ahead and upstage me.

2/21/2008 10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh me like it..
its so plain and simple...good work!


2/21/2008 10:26 PM  
Blogger Neo said...

Love is like oxygen!
Love is a many spleandored thing!
Love lifts us up where we belong!
All you need is love!

um....can I join you in the "full-fledged you know like whatever thing? Let's be beautiful together?

2/24/2008 9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drinking hot chocolate before it's cooled also burns your tongue...

2/27/2008 11:03 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Haha Neo. You are quite nuts. Anytime, anytime, the day I wake up and find myself with malaria on a bed of straw in Cambodia.

Ooooh anonymous, you are so clever. I like you. Yes, it does burn your tongue, but eventually your tongue heals, so PTL, amen?

3/01/2008 8:47 AM  

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